How to Order

Orders are processed through Longhua's exclusive North America representative, Hayata Ltd. Hayata reviews and forwards your order to the factory in China. Longhua will then send a Pro Forma Invoice directly to you, the customer, for approval and signature.

All payments are made by the customer via wire transfer to Longhua’s Bank in China. All requests for samples, prints, pricing, marketing materials and Longhua factory visits can be made directly to Hayata.

To place your Longhua order, or for more information, contact Hayata at:

US Toll Free: 877-785-8437
Dallas Area: 214-360-7708
Fax: 214-360-7718

Our Products

standard cable tiesStandard Cable Ties

Standard Cables for standard jobs.

Heavy Duty cable tiesHeavy-Duty Cable Ties

Heavy-Duty Cables for the heavy jobs.

specialty cable tiesSpecialty Cable Ties

Specialty Cables for not so standard jobs.

Tie Tension ToolsTie Tension Tools

Tie Tension Tools for a quicker tighten job.